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كمال 72 (kmal 72)
50 Year
wants Marriage
Normal , Mesyar
Nationality Algiers
Belarus | غير محدد
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I want my partner to be
الطيبة و حسن الخلق
More information about kmal 72
اقتنع بما يكتبه لي الله
Personal Info
Length / Weight 179 cm / 80 Kg
Hair type Normal
Hair Color Dark brown
Eyes color Brown
Skin Color Brown
Health status Healthy
Religiosity Care about it
Commitment to prayer Commitment
Beard Yes
Smoking Not Smoker
Listen to songs Not Listen
Study and work
Education University
Work field Private employer
Financial status Good
Yearly Income Less than $ 25,000.
Marital status
My marriage will be Second marriage
Marital status Divorced
Number of children you have None
Do you want to have children? Yes

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